Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why I can't work from home.

So I have had two days off from the dealership and I'm taking these days to finish up on my training modules online. They are supposed to take 3ish weeks and I'm going to knock these suckers out so I can start selling cars ASAP. I'm basically working full time from home these two days and I've realized I will probably never make a living doing this because...

  1. There is now always something more important than dishes or laundry
  2. I can now eat something when ever I'm hungry without depositing cash into a machine
  3. I apparently don't shower unless I'm going out in public somewhere
  4. When people call me I'm convinced I have time to answer the phone and talk
  5. I can now take naps
  6. Strange people come by my house to check oil, cut grass, look at land, read meters, or look into my windows
  7. There's nothing good on TV
  8. Something tells me I'm not as productive...

1 comment:

Shelley said...

I love it!! Those are the same reasons I have a hard time with online classes!!! Crazy!!
Hey, Are you going to be here for the mother's day services?? If not you need to make sure you check it out online when it becomes available!
Miss you!!!