Friday, June 13, 2008

My life be like...

Yay for GRITS!

So the three of you that still check this site out are probably wondering, "why the heck isn't Rob updating his blog?!" Well the short answer is that I've been busy lately. When ever I change something major in my life, it always takes me a little while to get back 'into the groove' again. Selling cars has been a huge life change for me, and I've been able to hold onto a lot of things. I've gotten to spend time with some of my amazing friends, had a pretty good string of reading my Bible every day, and had a lot of fun at Church. Unfortunately, the blog has been suffering big time.

Time to wrestle that area back into my routine. The new job is going awesome! I have discovered that I really love selling as a profession. The schedule is a little tough, but aside from that, I can't complain. So if anyone wants to come see me, feel free. By the way, if anyone you know wants to buy a Honda and you send them to me, I can put $200 in your pocket! :-)

And now to enjoy my night off.